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Discounted Game Loads for Gamers: Sign-up as LoadCentral Retailer for FREE!

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Topping-up has never been better, especially when you are entitled for DISCOUNTS!


LoadCentral (LC), the leading loading system platform in the Philippines is now offering FREE sign-up for Gamers who wants to have discount whenever they purchase their game load (in-game cash credits/points). 


Now, to save mother earth from being plague by plastic and to get your game load asap whenever or wherever, LC uses electronic PINs, or “e-PINs”.


What are e-PINs? 


e-PINs are electronic counterpart of the physical cards. It is dispensed as a text message. To use it, the buyer should key in the Serial Number and PIN to its account. Examples of this load product are Call Cards, Prepaid Internet Cards, Online Gaming Cards and Satellite Cards. Up to 23% discount is received by LoadCentral Retailers.



Basically, in the simplest form of description i can explain it to you my dear reader,

e-PINs are the load cards without the actual card itself.


But wait, there’s more! LoadCentral can resend e-PINs to the buyer. So if you accidentally delete the text message received from LoadCentral system containing the Serial Numbers and PIN, the LC Retailer (the one who sold you the e-PIN) can initiate an online or text re-send command, to send you the same product that you have bought.  


All Filipinos are wise and thrifty at the same time, that’s a unique trait of being a Filipino. So if I were you, I’ll take advantage of this opportunity and sign-up now for FREE to get a discount whenever I purchase game load of my favourite game. That’s more DOTA 2 costumes and CS:GO weapon skins for me. 😉


To know more about the most successful distribution solution provider for all prepaid services in the country today, message LoadCentral on Facebook to register your retailer account NOW!  

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