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Featured Product: Gameclub eCoins

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Gameclub is the game publisher for the famous Cross Fire game. Adding to their great published gaming applications are: Weapons of War, iDate, LoveBeat and Modoo Marble.


Steps on how to Top-up Gameclub eCoins:


  1. Log-in to your Gameclub account;
  2. Click eCoin;
  3. Enter the Card Code and Password you received from LC retailer;
  4. Once successful, a prompt message will appear to confirm.


Through LoadCentral, anyone can get Gameclub Credits e-PINs using the mobile phone with just a few simple methods! We have variety of denominations you can choose from depending on your budget capacity and your need. Below are the available options for you with corresponding Gameclub Credits equivalent:


Amount (in PhP) Gameclub Credits
20 20 eCoins
50 50 eCoins
100 100 eCoins
200 200 eCoins
300 300 eCoins
400 400 eCoins
500 500 eCoins
1000 1000 eCoins


Enjoy each and every win! Use your Gameclub eCoins for in-game purchase and subscriptions. Gameclub eCoins are available in ALL LoadCentral partner NATIONWIDE! Get yours and continue with your battles and earn more victories.


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