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Featured Product: Steam Wallet Codes

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Steam Community is your ultimate entertainment platform. Play, connect, create and do more with your steam account. Fun never stops, meet new people and join game groups using chat in-game. You may log-in to your steam account anywhere, whether on your PC or mobile device. The most exciting part is that you will have access to thousands of games with exclusive deals using your Steam account.


Purchase your Steam Wallet e-PINs with a wide range of denominations depending on your budget capacity and your needs. Below are the available options for you with corresponding Steam Wallet equivalent:


Amount (in PhP) Steam Wallet Credits
65 PhP50 Steam Wallet
130 PhP100 Steam Wallet
325 PhP250 Steam Wallet
645 PhP500 Steam Wallet
1025 PhP800 Steam Wallet
1285 PhP1000 Steam Wallet
2820 PhP2200 Steam Wallet


Steam Wallet credits are available in ALL LoadCentral retail partners. Visit the LoadCentral partner near you.

Where to buy: LoadCentral i-Cafe, LoadCentral Retailers, Netopia, Excel, Raquel Pawnshop, M Lhuillier, PeraHub, Via Express, Touchpay, SST, 1BRO Retailers, Via.com


Watch the video below to know how to top-up your Steam credits.




Play exciting games with Steam!


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