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Offer Name Offer Components Offer Validity Reward components Reward Validity
All in 99 Unlitext to All networks, 7 days 210MB 7 days
100 Trinet mins,
 80 MB + Unli FB
Lahatxt20 250 All net SMS, 1 day 30MB 1 day
10 On net mins,
Lahatxt30 300 All net SMS, 2 days 60MB 2 days
20 On net mins,
20 MB
UCT100 Unlimited on-net SMS 4 days 120MB 4 days
Unlimited on-net calls
80 all-net SMS
30 MB
SMARTalk100 Unlimited on-net calls 5 days 150MB 5 days
30 MB
Trinet 100 750 all-net SMS 7 days 210MB 7 days
120 tri-net minutes
35MB volume data
BigText50 Unlimited tri-net SMS 7 days 210MB 7 days
30 MB
Trinet 30 200 all-net SMS 1 day 30MB 1 day
50 tri-net minutes
10MB volume data
Unli Call20 Unli Calls Smart/TNT 1 days 30MB 1 day
20 All net SMS
Unli Twitter
Mega 250 Unli all-net SMS 30 days 30MB credited every day for 30 days Each 30MB valid 1 day
180 tri-net minutes
100 MB
Big 15 Unlimited All net SMS, 3 days 90MB 3 days
5mb data
All in 25 Unli all-net SMS 1 day 30MB 1 day
60 tri-net minutes
10 MB
Big Calls 100 200 On net mins 7 days 210MB 7 days
AT15 150 SMS to all-netowkrs 1 day 30MB 1 day
5 Tri Net minutes
10 MB data
AT60 Unlimited all-net SMS 5 days 150MB 5 days
60 Tri Net minutes
50MB data


  1.  Qualification
    • Offer is available to all active Smart Prepaid subscribers registered to any of the exclusive promo offers
    • 30MB/day will be credited on top of the existing data package component
    • Subscribers shall receive an SMS notification upon successful crediting of Free data
  2.  Registration
    • No registration needed
  3. Usage
    • Free component is allowed for all data access (chat, surf, video stream, etc.) except for peer to peer transaction e.g. torrent
    • Subscribers shall not be redirected to the landing page upon subscription
    • No P1 maintaining balance required to use 30MB
    • For old Free Internet subscribers, load protect is turned-on. Subscribers shall only be redicted to the Safezone portal upon reaching the following criteria:
      • No remaining applicable data wallet
      • Airtime balance is less than P5.00
    • For new Free Internet subscribers, subscribers shall no longer be redirected to Safezone portal
  4. Multiple reward crediting is allowed depending on the frequency of availment.
  5. 30MB/day is front loaded and expires with the original promo load validity except for Mega250 wherein, 30MB is credited per day for 30 days. Each 30MB expires in 24 hours.


Offer Name Offer Validity Reward Component Reward Validity
All Text 30 2 days 60/MB 2 days


  1. Subscribers with active PowerApp package SHALL not be able to use the Free internet MB allocation. To use the Free internet allocation, subscriber may opt to text POWER OFF send to 5555.
  2. If a subscriber is accessing data heavy sites causing him to consume more than the remaining data volume, he shall will be charged the prevailing rates, P5/15 minutes.
  3. Subscribers shall receive an SMS notification once data allocation is below 20MB and/or upon consumption of data package.
  4. Offer is not applicable to roaming and international use.