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Keeping Online Games Alive: Every ‘Gamer’ must be discounted

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Now before I jump straight on how every gamer could get a discount in their Games’ “Cash Points/Credits” or “Game Coins” let me introduce you the prepaid loading industry in the Philippines.


If you’re a Gamer and looking for a Low Capital, Low Risk, High R.O.I. (Return on Investment) business to support your needs, e-loading fits perfectly for you. (Just imagine, earning money while playing, hitting two birds with one stone!)


In the Philippines, there are 70 Million cellular phones nationwide with a population of 98 Million (July 2010 est.) sending 900 Million SMS or text messages daily. About 80% of the population are prepaid users (56,000,000 prepaid users). 


Just capturing a minuscule percentage of 0.00001% out of the 56,000,000 (560 prepaid users) loading Php 20/day, then you’ll have at most PHP 11,200 worth of e-load purchases per day.  


To breakdown the facts, cellular phones, like any other electrical appliances, are expense-generating devices. If I’m a smart Filipino prepaid subscriber, I will take advantage of the fact that e-Loading is a NECESSITY. Everyone LOADS meaning everybody is a potential customer. Every device needs to be LOADED (cellphone, cable TV, telephone, and many more). 


Now in your conquest of taking advantage of what others take for granted because they are lazy, and probably blind to the reality, you will need the right technology to make yourself combat ready. But first, let me explain briefly on the choices you can make, between the Conventional (“Traditional”) Business Loading System, which is the GLOBE/SMART/SUN and the LoadCentral Loading System Platform.


The LoadCentral platform can dispense 2 types of load products:


  1. e-Load –this is the load for telecom companies like Globe, Smart, Sun, Talk ‘N Text, and Touch Mobile. Up to 4% discount is received by Retailers.


  1. e-PINs –this is similar to e-load but uses a card number and PIN which are keyed in to reload your device or account. It is dispensed as a text message. Examples of this load product are Call Cards, Prepaid Internet Cards,Online Gaming Cards and Satellite Cards. Up to 23% discount is received by Retailers.



LoadCentral versus Traditional Loading 


 LoadCentralTraditional Loading
Convenience in selling different kinds of prepaid products1 SIM can load ALL networks + can sell other prepaid productsNeeds to have 3 cell phones and SIMs to sell 3 products + store physical card for other prepaid products
Means for sellingCellphone
Computer with Internet connection (Webtool)
Android App
Report GenerationEasily accessible via WebtoolTransactions are manually recorded (prone to errors like forgetting to list some of the transactions, incomplete details) or reports can be requested from the telco (may take time to receive it)
Promotional MaterialsOmnibus poster with logos of ALL the products a retailer can sell + other collaterals provided by partners1 product per poster/tarp


To know more about the most successful distribution solution provider for all prepaid services in the country today, message LoadCentral on Facebook to register your retailer account NOW!  



They say “Time is Money” but it’s the short term for, “Don’t waste your time, instead make better use of your time to make money.”




LoadCentral Website:


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