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Ease the Hassle of giving Load Allowance

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In a company providing load allowance, are you the HR officer who looks for a mobile load supplier? A purchasing officer who wants savings from load expenses? Or the accounting officer that requires easy access on the reports?

Whoever you may be, you’ll probably can relate on the following:


Delayed delivery
With too many tasks accomplished day-by-day, sometimes you missed out the schedule of dispensing the load. Thus, delayed in the delivery.

Can’t get discounts
You want to get product discounts but suppliers won’t give it unless you purchase in bulk.

Storing of physical cards
When cards are not securely stored, these cards will be in high-risk of being lost. In addition to that, you’ll have to do manual reporting.

Don’t have control
Companies tend to pay more when employees are subscribed to a post-paid plan. This is because they do not have direct control on the load usage of their employees.

Since, no one wants to experience such kind of terror, be a LoadCentral partner and experience hassle-free transactions!

The LoadCentral Advantage

Minimum capital requirement
For as LOW as f P1,000, the company will be entitled to product discounts while giving the same amount of load to its employees.

No need to store physical cards
LoadCentral took over the safekeeping. Therefore, you can dispense load  anytime you want. When you need it! The employee will basically receive the load details directly to his mobile number.

Generate detailed report
Simply access your LoadCentral account online. Then, select the dates you wish to generate.

Take control
Get away from the stress of thinking that your employees will exceed on their post-paid plan. Go prepaid! Allot load budget per employee.

Do batch loading
Do you have a long list of employees? Send load effortlessly with the LoadCentral Batch Loader Tool! Install the application in your computer. Upload your list then hit ‘Start Loading’. Above all, its FREE!

Want to get started? Be a LoadCentral partner! Send us an email at corpsales@loadcentral.com.ph or contact us via our Facebook Fan page.

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