LoadCentral: A Beginner's Guide and Tips and Tricks
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LoadCentral: A Beginner’s Guide

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LoadCentral is a distribution solution platform that facilitates the dispensing of e-Loads and e-PINs via SMS and web-interface using a wallet system. Through LoadCentral, anyone can start selling all available prepaid services for a minimum capital investment. The beginner’s guide below will serve as your starter pack in using LoadCentral.


Beginner’s Guide and Tips and Tricks

Newbie in LoadCentral? Here are the step-by-step tips & tricks in utilizing your account:

  1. CHANGE PASSWORD. Secure your account from any kind of theft, make sure to change your webtool password. Login ONLY at loadcentral.net 
    Watch this video guide to know more about changing your account’s password.
  1. LEARN HOW TO SELL. LoadCentral provided you options to choose from:


  • Webtool. Fastest and most reliable way of selling. You can earn more with the use of webtool. You are only required to have PC with internet connection to sell via webtool. Watch this video guide to assist you further.
  • LoadCentral Retailers App. If you have an android phone, wait no more. Hurry and download our FREE app from Google Play. This will make your selling as easy as 1-2-3!

You may use the LoadCentral Retailers App in two ways:

1. WEB APP selling (online). Menu-based selling that requires you have internet connection;

2. SMS APP selling (offline). Menu-based selling that requires you to have personal load to make transactions. Click here to download the app.

  • SMS. With LoadCentral, you can still sell and EARN anytime, anywhere using your basic bar phone. SMS transactions requires you to have personal load to continue. You just need to know the code of the product to sell plus LoadCentral Access Number/s.


  1. RELOAD ACCOUNT. Now, you already have the knowledge in selling. You can now put wallet balance to your account to start earning. For load wallet purchases, LoadCentral accepts:


  • Bank Deposit – accredited banks are BDO, BPI and Metrobank
  • Online Banking/ Fund Transfer – for online banking transactions, click this album for guidelines.
  • SmartMoney Transfer or Smart Padala


NOTE: You need to send your complete transfer details to LoadCentral Admin/Verification Team  to replenish your account. You may send it via:

  • Email – admin@loadcentral.com.ph
  • SMS – see SMS Syntax here
  • Webtool Deposit Posting – with our newly developed webtool, you can now post & track your deposit details.


You can claim your FREE LoadCentral poster at our main office located at 3rd Flr. Comworks Corporate Center 1050 Quezon Avenue, Quezon City.

Additional Tip for you Ka-Partner, don’t forget to follow our official sites to get fresh and latest updates.


Facebook: LIKE us NOW! >>> https://web.facebook.com/MOL.LC/

Webtool: ONLY login at https://loadcentral.net

Website: Get updates at www.loadcentral.com.ph

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