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LoadCentral Tools and the Four Types of Retailers

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Types of LoadCentral Retailers


LoadCentral is the most successful electronic distribution platform for all prepaid services in the country today. Our products include variety of load choices that cater all loading needs from e-Loads, Cell Card e-PINsOnline Game e-PINsUtility e-PINsSubscription PINs and a lot more. Utilized by needing only one (1) universal wallet.

In a list of hundreds of thousands of registered and active LoadCentral retailers, how would you find and classify yourself?


  • The MODERN ONES (Android Phone users)–This generation uses technology to their advantage, they maximize the use of their gadgets by using it to earn EXTRA income for their daily consumption. Good thing, LoadCentral shaped well with technology providing this generation the LoadCentral Retailer App to address easy and accurate way of selling prepaid loads.



  • The HR/ADMIN EMPLOYEE (BLT users) – In a busy atmosphere of a business setup, HR employee faces different tasks and responsibilities that they have to finish in no time. One of this is to provide the communication allowance of their colleagues. LoadCentral value the time and effort of each employee and to release HR employees from the horror of traditional loading, we came up with Batch Loader Tool (BLT) for bulk sending of loads. 

Hassle free and helps you SAVE time and effort.





  • The BUSINESS OWNER (CWT users) – To do business is to get big earnings. It is of critical importance for each and every business firm to secure its documents, transactions and confidentialities. LoadCentral created Customized Webtool (CWT) to answer the need for top level security on all transactions made. 

Your transaction is safe with us!



  • The ‘Laging online. Always on-the-go.’ (Webtool users) – Nowadays, most people uses internet connection on a daily basis. They maximize their use of internet by selling prepaid load to get extra earnings. The laging online. Always on-the-go LoadCentral retailers use the advanced and improved webtool for their transactions and sales. 

Faster and easier to use. EARN MORE with LoadCentral Webtool!


All these selling tools require internet connection. But what if you’re in a place where you cannot browse the internet? How can you sell without internet connection? Your back-up access to your account is via SMS (Note: You can only use this feature if your username is a mobile number)! LoadCentral came up with an SMS way of selling prepaid loads. By simply following the appropriate SMS format and product code, you’ll never miss a sale transaction anytime, anywhere!


Whoever you are and Whatever your resources is. LoadCentral has something for you!

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