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Prepaid Load Mo, Meron Ako!

  • ALL LoadCentral (LC) retail partner with physical retail store can join this contest
  • Contest will run from March 17 – May 26, 2017
  • To join, the LC retail partner must :

    1. take a photo of his store
    2. post it on his Facebook (FB) timeline (set post in Public) with the caption:



I am a @LoadCentral retailer – PREPAID LOAD MO, MERON AKO! #LoadCentral



LoadCentral highly suggests the LC retail partners to be CREATIVE in dressing-up their retail shop but REMEMBER that the following should be shown on the photo:


  • Shop Name
  • LoadCentral tarp/poster/sticker – partners can pick-up or receive FREE tarp & poster; shipping fee applies for delivery
  • Once posted, LC retail partner must go to the submission form located and provide the following details:

Complete Name
Mobile Number
Store Name
Address of the Store
Email address
Post URL

Submission of entries: until May 26
Generation of LIKES: until May 30

  • LoadCentral will download and post all the qualified entries in one ALBUM .
  • LoadCentral will send an e-mail to the qualified LC retail partner that includes the link of his entry. LC retail partner must share his entry to or tag his FB friends, or any means to earn.

Selection of winners will be based on the following criteria:


50% – Number of LIKES

50% – Shop dress-up (CREATIVITY is a PLUS!)


  • Announcement of winners will be on May 31, 2017
  • An SMS will be sent to the winner’s submitted mobile number to notify he won the promo.  Sender ID is LoadCentral.  An email notification will also be sent to the winner’s submitted email address.
  • Winners will receive:

1st prize – P15,000 LC wallet

2nd prize – P5,000 LC wallet

3rd prize – P5,000 LC wallet

KEKA BU Computer Shop

AF Load Station

CLICKCREW Store and i-net Cafe