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Saga Go will Open Beta Test

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A new masterpiece published by 4399EN — Saga Go. The excellent Side-Scrolling ARPG in 2016, will absolutely bring you the cool game experience and vivid graphic. If you are fan of anime, you can’t miss this game.


Check what’s the features in Saga Go now:


  1. Vivid HD Anime Side-Scrolling

Colorful, vivid HD graphics and explosive skill effects. Hundreds of hours of fun await as you battle your way through an incredible adventure.


  1. Brilliant combos combination

Each career has it own ranged, melee or magic skills. Different combination will activate different effect and DMG buff!




  1. Cute pets are on your command

Over 30 kind of pets and 20 mounts are in Saga Go! Evolve pets or mounts into mega forms, you will get extra battle power. With pets in battle, you can even use pet skill. They are your battle partners!



  1. Real-Time PVP

Experience explosive PvP battles against players from all over the world. 1V1, 2V2 or even 15V15 modes enable you train your combat skills and be the king in Arena!


  1. Multifarious gameplay!

Saga Go is arena and battlefield of the strongest, but it is more than these. We add more casual gameplay. Join Adventure map, Warrior Tower and special Gold & EXP Quests to gain materials to strengthen yourselves.




  1. Free VIP Experience

Creating role in game, free VIP for you! You are the VIP in Saga Go and can experience the privileges including auto fighting, special costume, special mount or more.




  1. Graft gear & customize

Fashion 3D-Avatar technology is added to our costume system. More than 20 marvelous costume and wings will help you become stronger in game. Customize your role now!




Take your sword and join the exciting saga story right now.


Contact us:

Email us at

Message us on Facebook


Top-up Crasher with MOLPoints. Here’s how:


1. Go to 4399’s website
2. Login your account
3. Select GMOL
4. Choose ‘Philippines’ for the country
5. Choose between ‘prepaid card’ and ‘e-wallet’

Dont have an MOL account? Choose  ‘Prepaid Card’:

a. select ‘Coin‘ a pay type
b. Hit ‘Top up
c. MOL top up page will open. Input your purchased Serial Number and PIN. Then ‘Continue

For users with MOL account, choose ‘e-wallet’:

a. select ‘Coin‘ a pay type
b. choose your preferred amount to purchase
c. Hit ‘Top up
d. MOL login page will open. Login your MOL account.
e. if your MOL wallet is enough to process the purchase, enter your MOL password then ‘Confirm & Pay‘.

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