Launched in Malaysia in 2017 by Razer Fintech, LoadCentral’s mother company: 

  • Payment-Over-The-Counter or Online-to-Online (O2O) payment channels.
  • Available to all LoadCental retailers and Corporate Chain channels.
  • Benefits of Razer Cash
    • Caters to consumers without credit/debit card, bank account, and internet banking.
    • Beneficial for merchants as an additional payment option for their consumers to pay cash for their online purchases.

Easy cash payment for online purchases:

  • As an online buyer, upon checkout, pay via Razer Cash. Take a picture of the Payment Code (Transaction ID) or write it down. Pay for the product or service you choose over the counter in any LoadCentral registered retailer or Corporate Chain channels by giving the same Payment Code.
  • As a retailer, earn with each Razer Cash transaction just like when you regularly sell e-loads and e-PINs.
Razer Cash Philippines will soon be launched. Watch out for our announcements!